General Dentistry in Eagan

general dentistry

General Dentistry in a Family Friendly Environment

A great smile begins with the basics. At Cedar Cliff Dental, our professional staff members keep your teeth and gums healthy by providing a variety of general services including the following:

  • General cleaning and checkups
  • Detailed dental record keeping and history review
  • Application of tooth sealants
  • Patient education, counseling and treatment plans
  • Management and treatment of periodontal disease

What to Look for in a General Dentist

Cedar Cliff Dental Center is holistic dental practice and also specializes in a few specific areas of dentistry. So what about general dentistry? Many of the same qualities you would hope to find an a specialized practitioner are absolutely needed for a general dentist. Things that are important to us that affect specialized and general dentistry include:

  • Clean and modern office and dental equipment
  • Knowledgeable and informative dentist
  • Superior attention to detail
  • Perfectionist qualities
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • Polite team and welcoming environment

Make Cedar Cliff Dental your New General Dentist

We would be happy to have you! We have many clients who we’ve been seeing for years and are always ecstatic to treat our patients in a preventative manner before any major dental work is needed. We believe that nothing beats your natural tooth so we try and keep it that way.

Patient Testimonials



“I like the dentist because I’ve been to a lot of dentists throughout my life and I’ve never really liked them. And this experience made me feel more confident about the dentist and I’ll be coming back. Dr. Hatcher is the best dentist and he mostly did x-rays and told me what he was going to do.”

– Mackenzie C – 2/28/12


“I, Gwen P, a patient of Dr. Hatcher, before implant surgery and dental appointments regarding it had gotten myself overly anxious and worried about it beforehand. The day of surgery was actually a piece of cake when the able and competent Dr. Hatcher and Deb performed the surgery. That night I went out to dinner and felt “very fine.” Then I got home or either the next day I did take an asprin because it only hurt a little. Nothing to it, I’d do it again.”

– Gwen P – 3/11/10


“I have had about seven years experience with Dr. Hatcher, and during that period, he and his staff have seen to maintain a healthy mouth for me Also, I am amazed at the technological equipment in his office that I had not seen in previous dental offices. I would recommend Dr. Hatcher to anyone.”

– Bill L – 8/30/10


“I’ve been a patient at Cedar Cliff Dental for 25+ years and would recommend Dr. Hatcher and his staff to anyone looking for excellent dental care.”

– Kim K – 2/6/12