Biocompatibility Testing

Biocompatible MaterialsYou wouldn’t eat a peanut if you were allergic, would you? Biocompatibility testing works as a consulting tool to aid you and your dentist, Dr Hatcher, to decide the best dental materials with the least reaction (best biological fit) to your body. Let me explain – A food allergy is unique to an individual; this can be loosely related to biocompatible materials. Each person may react differently to the materials used in dental restorations. Our objective with Biocompatibility testing is to find the lowest reactive material suitable for your restoration. Unlike allergic reactions, reactions to dental materials are much more subtle and generally go unnoticed. If your immune system does “reject” the placed material it is forced to work overtime to attempt to do away with the restoration. The immune system will continue to be overworked until the stimulation is removed by a dental professional.