Sweet, Delicious and Great For Your Teeth?

Would you believe me if I told you brushing your teeth with sugar could have significant health benefits? Much like there are good fats and bad fats, not all sugars are bad for your teeth. In fact, one sugar in particular has been proven to destroy harmful, disease-causing oral bacteria. Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar found in many fruits and vegetables. It is used in candies, chewing gum and a variety of dental products such as mouth rinse and toothpaste. Although a taste test between xylitol and sucrose (white table sugar) will show no significant differences, it is how these two sugars react with oral bacteria that set them apart.

Sucrose is the most common type of sugar that we encounter. Unfortunately the bacteria in our mouths feed off this type of sugar, resulting in a build up of acid that can eat away at tooth structure and lead to periodontal disease. Xylitol acts in a completely opposite manner by preventing these harmful bacteria from sticking to the tooth surface. In addition there is no production of tooth-decaying acid because the bacteria are unable to metabolize xylitol.

Dental cavities are a persisting problem in the United States and around the world. According to Dr. Kammer’s “I Brush My Teeth With Sugar!” article on dentaltown.com, 80 percent of kids in the U.S experience tooth decay by the time they are 17 years old. An even more shocking statistic – 80 percent of high school graduates in Finland have had zero caries. So why then is there such a difference in tooth decay? Dr. Kammer and others would believe that it is due to regular distribution of xylitol in Finland schools.

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